About Joanne Schilder

Joanne Schilder designs interiors, exteriors and furniture with its own signature. Experience the comfort of a well designed interior, always based on rhythm and symmetry.

With passion and pleasure I will listen carefully to the ideas and wishes of the customer. After defining the style and discussing the first sketches I will make a translation into drawings and 3D images. After that we can define the materials, details and furniture. In my studio I have a wide range of materials and fabrics from designer brands around the world. And because of my involvement in Kwakman Groep everything can be custom made for you under one roof. We have everything within reach to create the perfect design and relieve the customer from the burden of construction. From sketch to finish, everything is possible.

In my designs I like working with different styles and concepts. I love creating interior spaces that are closely linked to the architecture because for me architectural- and interior design go hand in hand. I strive to creating beautiful, functional interiors where everyone feels comfortable. I like coming up with unique creative interior solutions, because my work is not a summary of furniture, materials and accessories, but a unique design which will match perfectly with your needs.

Because of my passion for interiors, years of work experience in interior contracting and my degree in architecture at the Technical University in Delft any assignment will be in good hands.