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Living room design - Joanne Schilder

A warm, cozy contemporary living room that makes everybody feel at home instantly.

Almost everything in this house is custom made and designed, from the ceiling to the kitchen, the cabinets, shelves, tables and even the large corner sofa. I like large minimalistic furniture because it makes your house look bigger, it’s hard to find that kind of furniture in stores in just the right size. Therefore custom made furniture give so much more freedom, and many options to be creative.

To finish the decoration of the living room I used elegant fabrics with prints and textures, big lamps and large vases (Stout lighting, Cravt and others from Dutch design).

Cravt, DK Home
Dining room design - Joanne Schilder
Cabinet desk design
Cravt - DK Home - Interior design Joanne Schilder
Kitchen design - Joanne Schilder
Kitchen design - Joanne Schilder
Living room design - fireplace - stout lighting

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