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This was such a fun project, but what I regret is that I didn’t make any photos of the before situation. Anyone would be completely stunned by the transformation, it’s like day and night. What used to be one of the oldest (never renovated) snack bars in town is now transformed into a present-day lunchroom with an added menu for salads and sandwiches.

A year ago the new owner of ‘Cafetaria Kippie’ asked me to help him with the interior renovation of his business.  He wanted something extremely modern with bright colors and a very distinct style. I like these kind of interiors in some places but this shop is located in the old city centre of Volendam, and it would not look right. I changed his mind into choosing something more timeless and sophisticated. The interior is still modern but the colors are soft so it will appeal to a wide audience. This way the interior will be durable and look like more then just a snack bar. It’s a place where young people hang out and others like to sit enjoying the food or come in for takeaway.

For the materials I choose dark oiled wood (wenge style), melamin for the cabinets, and soft taupe sheeting for the counter and cabinets. The chairs are also dark wood, they have an open back to make the place look more open and spacious. The seatings are finished with patent leather in brown and purple. On the left wall I designed a large couch which reaches to the ceiling, also covered in the same two tones of patent leather. The couch is an eye-catcher in the room and really invites customers to come in and have a seat.

The core values of this project were functionality, durability and budget. For example the facade needed to be rebuild to get a bigger entrance, and replace the door more to the center. This happened to be a very expensive operation, therefore we decided to rebuild only the right side of the facade. For the flexibility of the layout I chose to use tables in two sizes, for 2 and 4 persons. This gives the owner the ability to change the table setting for reservations and groups. The lamps above the couch are applied to a rail so they can be altered to different table settings.

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